Oceans Melting Greenland

Animations and graphics depicting data measurement activities for the OMG mission:

Animation depicting two aircraft taking measurements of the land and the ocean. Animation depicting an aircraft with the Glacier and Ice Surface Topography Interferometer (GLISTIN-A) instrument observing changes in the thickness and retreat of the glacier front as well as an aircraft deploying Airborne eXpendable Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (AXCTD) probes to measure ocean temperature and salinity on the shelf.

Animation depicting an aircraft and a ship taking measurements of the ocean. Animation depicting a ship collecting measurements of the depth and shape of the sea floor, as well as an aircraft measuring free-air gravity with the AIRGrav instrument, which also provides information about the depth of the ocean.

Poster titled, Measuring Greenland's Ice A poster titled "Measuring Greenland's Ice", depicting the various measurement mechanisms that will be utilized by the OMG Mission.

Poster depicting the Phase 1 Bathymetry survey track line. A poster depicting the track line from Phase 1 of the TerraSond / Cape Race Bathymetry survey performed in July and August 2015.